Dromana College currently has two ACCESS Ministries Chaplains, Stan Thomas and Catherine Lacey.  Chaplaincy in state schools provides pastoral care for students, staff and families in the school community to care for their emotional, spiritual and physical needs. This pastoral care has the goal of seeing individuals encouraged, equipped and empowered to journey towards healing, reconciliation and personal growth. 

The Chaplains are viewed as a safe, friendly, confidential person to speak to when needed. Both Catherine and Stan work as part of the Welfare Team within the school and as such can refer students to speak the School Nurse, Student Wellbeing Coordinator or outside agencies/psychologists. Chaplains attend camps, excursions and participate in sports days. At lunchtime and recess Chaplains give out sandwiches to students who have no lunch and once a week afterschool provide an afternoon tea and activities for students. 

Chaplains also run programs in school hours. Strength, Shine and ‘Teach One to Lead One’ are three programs that either Catherine or Stan are currently running with groups of students. These three programs all differently address issues with identity, low self-esteem and leadership.  One lunchtime a week there is a Faith Discussion Group facilitated by the Chaplains where students are free to come along and discuss spirituality in an open, friendly environment.

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