English Learning Domain

 Excellent communication skills are the keys to personal and career success. Studies in the English Domain at Dromana College focus on developing strong communication skills in every student across the following three key areas:


At Dromana College, our reading program assists students to become active, independent and skilled readers who seek out their own reading material but also respond to a wide range of set texts. Novels, short stories, films, TV shows, newspapers, graphic novels, websites are just some of the wide range of stimulus material to be found within our exciting curriculum.

  • Year 7 students are involved in the HABIT Program which encourages them to read regularly and widely across a range of genres.
  • Year 8 Reading and Research Program build on these skills and enables students to explore areas of personal interest.
  • Year 9 and 10 reading builds on discussion skills along with a deeper appreciation of more complex literature and the issues it raises.
  • At V.C.E. we offer both English and Literature to cater for students’ interests and areas of expertise.


At Dromana College our writing journey begins with Year 7 Journals and through the years, students learn to write in a wide variety of styles including imaginative, informative and persuasive writing, to suit different purposes and audiences.

Essay planning and writing skills are introduced in English using the Four Square Model, which is then used consistently across the entire school curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate in various writing competitions and to communicate using a wide variety of written forms, both electronic and conventional.

Speaking and Listening

The modern world is asking its citizens to be increasingly confident and eloquent in communicating and at Dromana we take the development of strong speaking and listening skills very seriously. Students are given a variety of opportunities for public speaking, including classroom performances, year level Oral Presentation Evenings and the Reciprocal Learning Program. The college boasts a very successful history of debating as part of the Debating Association of Victoria.

January 2015
  • 27 Leading Teachers Meeting
  • 28 Year Level Time
  • 28 Domain Time
  • 28 Staff Meeting
  • 28 Presentation Ball Rehearsal Group 1 & 2 @ 7:00pm
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