Health & Physical Education

Physical Education

All students at Dromana College have the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of sporting pursuits and activities during their physical education or sport classes. Students also have an opportunity to represent the college at interschool competition and carnivals in up to twenty different sports.The facilities at Dromana College are second to none with access to three indoor basketball courts, an oval and an all weather multipurpose sporting arena.

Pathways exist in the senior school to allow students to make a smooth transition into VCE Physical Education through subjects such as VET Sport and Recreation and Human Movement.


Health is compulsory for all students in Years 7 - 10 with the option of continuing further study in VCE Health. Students examine a wide range of topics from areas such as drug education, sexual education, nutrition, personal values, bullying, goals and aspirations, driver education, harm minimisation and resilience training.

Students also have the option of studying St John Ambulance First Aid units which are used as a valuable resource at many different events in the community.

Outdoor Education

Students have the option of studying Outdoor Education as a subject at the senior levels. Comprising a theoretical and practical component, the course at Year 10 provides a detailed analysis of our recreation, impact and the implications on the local and broader environment. This unit leads into VCE Outdoor Education as a subject which has proven to be a very popular option with students.

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