Humanities Curriculum

Students in twenty-first century are able to access information at a faster pace than ever before. The imagery we all see on the nightly news and on our social media feeds are more graphic and more thought provoking than ever before. Events that transpire on the other side of the world are immediately thrust to the forefront of our consciousness, due to the speed with which information travels. All of this means that the study of Humanities has become increasingly relevant in the modern, global world.

At Dromana College our Humanities program is a reflection of this belief. Humanities can be described as the study of Human Culture and of the Human Experience. We are passionate about Dromana College students understanding their place in the world, the role of business, government and individuals, the complexities of the modern world and the histories that continue to influence modern events, conflicts, beliefs and attitudes.

At Year 7 and 8 Humanities is a core subject where all areas of the AusVELS are covered as part of the Humanities core curriculum. In Year 9 students are given more choice over the Humanities subjects they elect. Students must take a minimum of three Humanities subjects, but may elect to take as many as seven. This is in line with the philosophy of Dromana College’s Year 9 program that focusses on individual choice over pathways, in order to provide a more engaging and challenging experience for all Humanities students. The Year 9 Humanities offerings are also designed to maximise the advantages provided with the 1:1 iPad program that runs across Year 9, by making use of the iPads to disseminate information to students, to provide students with avenues to undertake research and to organise ideas and create.

Area of Study

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10


Civics and Citizenship

Australian Government in Action

Global Politics (Ideology)


Legal Studies

VCE Legal Studies

You & the Law

Economy and Society

Introduction to the Economy

Cost of Living

Money – What’s Rich

Business and Economics

VCE Business Management

VET Business Administration


Local Point Nepean Project

Disasters and the impact on Humans

Trip Advisor

Why Location Matters?

VCE Outdoor Education

VCE Environmental Science

Human Rights


Ancient Greece

Medieval Europe

Medieval Japan

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

History of Immigration

VCE Australian History (1900-Present)

Note: VCE Outdoor Education and VCE Environmental Science are not offered through the Humanities Domain

Within the Senior School Humanities offers three VCE Subjects (Business Management, History and Legal Studies) and one VET Subject (Business Administration). At the senior level the focus of Humanities is on equipping students with the skills to thrive in the workforce and in tertiary education. To do this students are supported to think beyond simply memorising dates and outlining theories and other people’s ideas, but to focus on developing their higher-order skills. That is working with students to develop their ability to justify opinions, critically analyse and evaluate ideas and to compare and contrast different theories and perspectives.

At the end of their schooling at Dromana College the vision of the Humanities Domain is that students have:

  • a passion for the study of Humanities
  • an understanding of how businesses, government and individuals interact
  • an understanding of how History shapes both individuals and the world today
  • an understanding of the responsibilities and rights they have as active global citizens
  • an ability to empathise and to view issues from multiple viewpoints before forming their own opinions
  • high level analytical skills that can be applied across a range of tertiary education and work contexts
  • experiences interacting with different people on a local, national and global level
  • an ability to make use of technology to plan, interact, communicate, organise and evaluate
  • experiences of success, but also an ability to overcome setbacks and
  • lifelong memories of the experiences they have had

Should you have any queries about the Humanities Curriculum at Dromana College please do not hesitate to contact Mr Chad Ambrose Head of Humanities. 

January 2015
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