The rationale for the Humanities department at Dromana College is driven by the school motto ‘Empowering young people to make a difference’. Through all of our Humanities classes, we as a department ensure that:

  • Students develop a love and ownership of learning
  • Students become technologically proficient
  • Students be literate and numerate
  • Students be aware and protective of their own environment
  • Students develop global perspectives
  • Students have a focus on their personal well-being, as well as that of others
  • Students develop as individual thinkers and independent learners

Humanities Curriculum

The Humanities curriculum at Dromana College is always evolving to suit the student’s individual differences, needs and learning styles. An inquiry based learning philosophy is strong within the program and underpins our studies. Extra-curricular activities are also embedded within our syllabus to ensure that learning is ‘real’ and enhanced by many diverse perspectives. As the Australian Curriculum is entering the school sphere, further development and evolving will take place to ensure a smooth transition over the coming years.

The students attend Humanities, which incorporates History, Geography, Civics, Economics, Social Education, Work and Career Education, from Years 7-10, with a Humanities selective program initiated within our Year 9 Program. This includes units such as:

  • Australia and World War I and World War II
  • Tourism - Past, Present and Future
  • Global Issues and Australia
  • Human Rights
  • Revolutionary History
  • Coasts - Where Land and Sea Join
  • Music that Shaped our World
  • Personal Finance
  • Melbourne Big City

Students in Year 10 also have access to our VCE curriculum at Dromana College, through an advancement policy of students accessing Unit 1 and 2 Humanities subjects, such as VCE History, Legal Studies and Business Management – as well as or replacing the study of core Year 10 Humanities. This allows students a firm basis for access to further study or employment – whatever path they wish their lives to take. Our subjects offer many paths to enrich different career options.

All Humanities classes include numerous perspectives, with particular emphasis on citizenship, rights and responsibilities of individuals, ecologically sustainable development, environmental awareness, social justice and gender and racial equality. Humanities provide valuable learning opportunities, so that our students develop into lifelong learners and responsible members of our local and global community.

Downlaod the humanities curriculum map

July 2014
  • 29 Year 9 Boys Strength Program
  • 29 AIP Groups
  • 29 UNSW English Competition
  • 30 VET Sport & Rec Years 10 - 12 Indoor Rock Climbing
  • 30 Year 9 Girls Squash State Final
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