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Dromana College’s Years 7-9 curriculum is a dynamic and challenging program which puts an emphasis on differentiating learning to cater for the range of abilities and talents that exist within each classroom.

Teachers are skilled in assessing the learning need of individual students and then provide challenging teaching to ensure that these students are progressing and developing into lifelong learners. The colleges’ main goal is to ensure that all students achieve to their maximum potential and that they finish Year 12 with the best possible outcomes for their future. This process begins at Year 7. The clear focus is on academic development particularly in the vitally important areas of Literacy and Numeracy; however the curriculum also has strong dynamic programs across all learning domains, with an emphasis on developing the whole person as a learner and a global citizen.

Students are expected to understand and model the college values of Respect, Responsibility, Personal Best and Integrity. These values form the cornerstone of the relationships between students and staff and ensure that the learning environment within the college is safe, secure and inclusive.

In 2011 Dromana College introduced Year 7 and 8 Philosophy, a challenging and thought provoking study designed to further challenge capable students and prepare them for the senior years of their education.

The college’s unique Year 9 program is a further example of the emphasis on providing dynamic learning outcomes at each year level. The single sex classes in English and Mathematics have proven highly successful in engaging students in their learning activities at a level that matches their educational and social development. The workshops provide great opportunities for students to have a choice in their learning while still providing opportunities for academic advancement. The Project Day allows students to be involved in multi-disciplinary tasks and to share their learning with the wider college community.

The college has a huge responsibility to ensure the learning growth of all its students. Our aim is to produce learners that reach their potential, that are dynamic and responsible citizens and are prepared for all the challenges that the future may hold.

Andrew Wynne

February 2015
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  • 3 Presentation Ball Rehearsal Group 1 & 2 @ 7:00pm
  • 3 Leadership Team Meeting - Phillip Holmes Smith
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