At Dromana College we believe that second language learning is a core part of a child’s education at secondary school.  Studying a foreign language is compulsory in Year 7 and 8, with languages then being an elective in the following years. All students are encouraged to continue language studies until the completion of VCE.

The study of a foreign language has been shown to have many benefits for a child’s learning, educational outcomes, career opportunities in later life and improved self confidence. For more information please refer to the link below.

Our Language Centre has recently been completed and we have begun using this excellent building during Term 2 2012. This new building will be a great asset to the college and a fantastic language learning space which will facilitate and support changes in our instructional practice across the college.

Junior School

Year 7 and 8

At Dromana College Year 7 & 8 students learn either Japanese or Indonesia for 140 minutes a week gaining a foundation in the language and culture of each of these countries. Students are given the opportunity to take part in a number of excursion and extra-curricular activities such as restaurant visits, speaking competitions and essay writing contests. For a detailed description of the content and topics covered in the course please refer to the Languages Curriculum Map.

Year 9

Languages are an elective in Year 9 with both Japanese and Indonesian offered.  Students build on their skills and knowledge to gain a more useable fluency of the language. Students at this year level can choose to complete a Certificate II in Applied Languages Japanese or Indonesian through CAE.


Senior School

Year 10

Students in Year 10 can elect to study either Japanese or Indonesian for 210 minutes a week. They have the opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Applied Languages Japanese or Indonesian through CAE.


At Dromana College both Japanese and Indonesian are offered to students in Year 11 and 12. Students have access to wide range of support such as practice with native language assistants, after school classes and many other extra-curricular enrichment activities.

Study Tours

Every two years students in the senior languages program have the opportunity to participate in study tours to either Japan or Indonesia/Malaysia, accompanied by teachers from the college. We believe it is important for students to experience the language and culture they are studying in an immersive and authentic environment.

Asia Day – Friday 20 July 2012

Dromana College again this year held its annual Asia Day celebrations to promote the importance of our Asian neighbours and the importance of studying a second language. The day was a great success with students participating in a number of Indonesian and Japanese cultural activities. These included activities such as playing angklung, making topeng, wayang kulit, and origami as well making sushi and performing Japanese dancing.

 As part of the day, students heard from a number of speakers who use their language skills in everyday life. The College would like to thank the Asia Education Foundation for assisting with the speakers.

Our Language Centre has recently been completed and we have begun using this excellent building during Term 2 2012. This new building will be a great asset to the college and a fantastic language learning space which will facilitate and support changes in our instructional practice across the college.

SMR Indonesian Immersion Camp – Phillip Island 13 to 15 August 2012

Ten students from Dromana College were lucky enough to be part of the Southern Metropolitan Region Indonesian Immersion Camp held at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort from 13 - 15 August 2012. Students from four other schools also participated in the camp. These schools were Narre Warren P-12, Gleneagles Secondary College, Somerville Secondary College and MacRobertson Girls High School.

 The aim of the camp was to encourage students to continue their Indonesian studies into VCE and to promote the importance of Indonesia’s relationship with Australia. The majority of the camp was conducted by teaching staff only speaking in Indonesian, with the aim of improving students Indonesian language skills.

 Students participated in number of exciting and interesting activities such as Indonesian dancing singing, cooking and games. Students also made a Wikispace about their experiences on the camp.

SMR Model United Nations Conference 2012

Six students from Dromana College participated in this year’s Model UN Conference at Casey Civic Centre. The event is organised by the United Nations Association of Australia with the aim of improving the understanding of what the UN does and to promote career opportunities and pathways within the diplomatic fields to students.

 Dromana College students represented the nations of Indonesia and Mexico at conference. The conference is conducted in the same manner as real UN meetings at the general assembly in New York. This year’s topic was the rights of refugees. 

Certificate II in Languages - Japanese

2011 saw an exciting new development in the Year 9 Japanese curriculum at Dromana College. In collaboration with CAE we are now offering our students the opportunity to acquire a Certificate II in Languages - Japanese. The VET in Schools program allows students to undertake a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training qualification while still at secondary school. Students will receive a Certificate II in Languages from CAE, with the opportunity to acquire Certificate III during Year 10 and then continue their language studies in VCE. These qualifications are nationally recognised certificates which focus on delivering practical language skills. We are focusing on everyday communication, in both social and vocational settings, so that students gain an understanding of what it is like to use the language. In this way they ‘learn through doing’.

If you have any queries about the course please don’t hesitate to contact the College.

We have an agreement in place with the CAE to deliver certificates in Japanese and Indonesian languages on campus, giving our students a head start with tertiary qualifications. If you have any queries regarding the course please do not hesitate to contact Miss Tara Moody, Head of Languages, at the College on 03 5987 2805 during school hours.

 Japanese Language RMIT Immersion Day 2012

As part of their VET studies, 21 Year 9 students from Dromana College participated in a Language Immersion Day at RMIT City Campus on Thursday 31 May 2012.  The day was facilitated by RMIT academic staff and students. It allowed Dromana College students to experience university life first hand and gave them an opportunity to use their classroom taught skills in an applied and challenging setting.

Also of note was a keynote speech by Melissa Nemoto, Communication Officer – Consulate General of Japan in Melbourne, which informed students of the many opportunities their Japanese studies can bring them.

Sayembera Lisan  2012 – Indonesian Speaking Contest

The Sayembara Lisan speaking competition is a state wide event organized by the Victorian Indonesian Language Teachers Association (VILTA), to encourage students to continue their studies of the Indonesian language and culture, and to improve their Indonesian language skills. Over 600 students from both public and private schools participated in this year’s competition.

The Sayembara Lisan Indonesian speaking competition consists of 2 events. Firstly, is the Melbourne region qualifying round which will was held on Friday 11 May 2012 at Melbourne University, Hawthorn Campus. Dromana College had eight students participate in this round of the competition from Years 8 and 9.   The state wide finals for the Sayembara Lisan were held on 26 May 2012 at University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus.  This year five students from Dromana College successfully qualified for the finals.

The College would like to congratulate Chris Burr of Year 8 for winning 3rd place in the Year 8 Category.

Dromana College – Sayembara Lisan Partcipants 2012

Year 9

  • Kiana Jordan
  • Ellen Easton


Year 8

  • Maddy Brown
  • Penny Beavan
  • Chris Burr
  • Georgia Ryan
  • Leela Subramanian
  • Tenaya Irons
Year 9 Indonesian Tourism Website - Certificate II in Apllied Languages

As part of the year 9 Indonesian Certificate II in Languages, students created a website of Indonesian tourists visiting Melbourne.  On this website information can be found regarding tourist attractions in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula.  All articles on the website were created by students with the assistance of their teachers.  If you like the look of their website please use the link below.

ILPIC – Innovative Language Provision in Clusters Program.

This year Dromana College, in partnership with Somerville Secondary College, has been working with local primary schools to provide language lessons to primary school students.

Dromana College Language staff, Miss Tara Moody and Mr Stewart Matulis, have throughout the year been teaching Years 5 and 6 students from Red Hill Consolidated School, Dromana Primary School, Mt Martha Primary School and Sorrento Primary School, Indonesian and Japanese.

These lessons have been taking place using the Polycom web conferencing system. Dromana College staff conduct lessons from the Language Centre at the college using the Polycom system , which are sent in real time to the local primary schools. 

This program has been very successful and will continue in 2014. If you have any enquires about this program. Please contact Miss Tara Moody at the College. 

Skype Session with Indonesia

As part of the Year 10 Indonesian Program, Dromana College students have been conducting hour long skype sessions with Indonesian students from Sekolah Pelita Bangsa in Cirebon every two weeks. Students have had both face to face video chat and text messaging sessions discussing topics such as my family, my town & my school. Students have viewed these sessions as valuable for improving their Indonesian language skills as well as a good cultural exchange opportunity.
Dromana College students have used the laptops provided to them as part of the Year 10 one to one laptop program to conduct this program.
Sekolah Pelita Bangsa -

August 2014
  • 22 LEAP Applications Close 5:00pm
  • 24 Year 11 Biology Excursion - Orpheus Island
  • 25 Student Management Meeting
  • 26 Year 10 Holocaust Excursion - Group A
  • 26 Domain Meeting
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