The Dromana College Library aims to support both the educational and recreational needs of the whole college community. It contributes to the educational program by implementing, enriching and supporting teaching and learning, by providing efficient and effective access to appropriate information and by creating a positive learning environment.

The goals of the library are:

  • To empower students to be independent life-long learners
  • To collaborate with teaching staff to provide learning programs and a range of resources that meet the varied needs of all students
  • To provide access to and support of new technologies, digital resources and information literacy
  • To promote a reading culture for both information and pleasure
  • To create a welcoming, flexible learning environment staffed by appropriately trained information professionals

The library provides a wide range of resources to support the curriculum needs of staff and students. This range includes books, charts, Clickview digital video programs, on-line resources, encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, DVDs/videotapes, Qwizdom hardware and A/V resources such as digital still and video cameras. Students and staff can access the Library Catalogue here

As well as general support, the library is also heavily involved in the Year 7 HABIT Wide Reading Program and the Year 8 Research & Reading Program, both of which are part of the English curriculum.

Students are encouraged to regularly check the Library Intranet page for new books, information about the reading program, and other activities. You can go there from here.

Library Links

Library catalogue

Library intranet page

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