The transition process commences well before the student formally commences at Dromana College.  Our Open Night is conducted during Semester 1 and it gives interested parents and students an opportunity to visit the college in the evening, hear about the educational programs available, view students’ work and experience the College environment.  The Year 7 Camp Program held later in Term 1 further enhances the transition to secondary school.

There are many differences between primary school and secondary college:

An Information Evening is held at the college in early December which gives the Grade 6 students an opportunity to meet their Form Teacher and to inform parents of the educational process at Dromana College.  Grade 6 students then attend an Orientation Day in December where they are involved in timetabled classes to give them a taste of life at Dromana College. 

These differences can make you feel apprehensive and even scared, but as we are aware of the new challenges that will confront you, we are organised to make the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible. The events that will help you in this process are Orientation Day, Information Evening and participating in the Year 7 Camp. It is important that you attend all of these events.

Form Groups 

Students are placed into a form group with students from your primary school and other primary schools. There will be approximately 25 students in your class. The form group names are based on the language of the Bunurong People, who were the indigenous people from South West Victoria, their traditional lands include the Mornington Peninsula.

Each student is part of a form group which is the responsibility of one form teacher. Your group will meet each morning with your form teacher where organisational issues and minor concerns can be discussed. Your form teacher is there to help you deal with any problems you may meet at school.  The Head of Year is the person in charge of a group of approximately 180 - 200 students in each year level. Form Teachers and Head of Year Coordinators are responsible for monitoring the educational progress of their students and fostering relationships between parents, teachers and students.


Wedge-tailed Eagle


Blue Mountain Parrot




Mallee Fowl


Bread - bread was made from a number of seeds, the most popular being 'Prickly Mimosa'


Totem of a Tasmanian Aboriginal community


Totem for Bunurong men


Tree Rat


Black shouldered kite - Bundjil’s helper who helped get fire for the people


Flying mouse - Bundjil's helper - a wizard


Sea eagle