Regular attendance is essential - ‘It is not OK to be away
Parents have a legal responsibility to satisfactorily explain all absences.  If your child is going to be absent please leave a message on the Absence Line (03 5984 7177) prior to 9:00am.  A signed and dated note from the parent for the Form Teacher explaining the absence must be brought to school on your child’s return.  The college will contact parents of students who are absent without explanation.

Punctuality is essential.  Students who arrive late to school must sign the ‘Late Arrival’ book located at Reception in the Administration Office and hand their signed Late Arrival Pass to their teacher.   Late arrival due to ‘missing the bus’ or ‘slept in’ may attract a detention.
Students who intend to leave school any time during the day must have a note from their parents and must be signed out at Reception by the adult who is picking them up.

For more information please refer to the Dromana College Attendance Policy


Homework is an integral part of Dromana College’s approach to helping all students maximise their achievements and to develop a life-long habit of independent learning.  Home work is designed to support and supplement the learning process beyond the classroom.  As students progress through schooling the work load steadily increases and the need for all students to develop sound study skills and consistent study habits is vital.  Time at all year levels is required to be set aside each night and on weekends for the completion of unfinished tasks set by teachers during class and for home study.  

Homework develops positive study techniques and encourages students to be responsible for their own learning. Setting regular and consistent homework assists students to establish a study routine.  Homework is an opportunity for parents to engage in their student’s learning and strengthen the relationship between students, parents and teachers.  Students are expected to complete all tasks and submit by the due date.  Parents are encouraged to help their student establish regular study habits and to provide suitable physical conditions to complete homework. 

For more information please refer to the Dromana College Homework Policy 


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