Science Learning Domain

“To be human is to be curious about the world we live in, to wonder why it is that way, and to ask about our place in it”

The aim of the Science Learning Domain at Dromana College is to stimulate, respond to and nurture the curiosity and sense of wonder in our students. Through the creation of stimulating learning environments students are encouraged to develop skills in identifying and investigating scientific issues, to make conclusions based on evidence and to apply their new skills to everyday situations.

Our curriculum is constantly evolving to encompass:

  • the needs and interests of students,
  • changes to learning standards (VELS),
  • the embedding of the e5 instructional model in our teaching practise,
  • the continual improvement in VCE results,
  • the preparation for a National Curriculum.

In Years 7 and 8 we offer a wide range of curriculum units that introduce and cover the sciences of biology, physics, chemistry and earth science. Within the Year 9 program, science is delivered via workshops that include choices such as robotics, cosmetic science, microbiology, science in movies, green science and rockets.
In Year 10 students are prepared for VCE choices by extending their understanding of the sciences studied in the earlier years, as well as with the introduction of psychology.


At Dromana College we offer a very broad range of VCE subjects. The Science Learning Domain offers and successfully runs classes in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Staff enhance their students’ learning through running after school classes, holiday programs, providing access to specialist lectures, encouraging students to take part in the Schools Access Monash (SAM) tutorial program and accessing outside agencies such as the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC). A growing number of our students are choosing to go on to tertiary studies in the wide range of sciences.

In addition to engaging learning programs, the students at Dromana College have access to a fabulous specialised science building, the rooms of which are light filled, modern and well equipped to deliver the curriculum required in a changing world. ICT is well integrated into our curriculum and is readily accessed via multimedia facilities, wireless internet and a growing range of sensors and robotics.

Some tertiary institutions require one or more science subjects as prerequisite studies for entry to a wide number of courses offered throughout Australia. Studying science in VCE is also one way to enhance a student’s final study score.

Ask the Pathways Counsellor for more details.

While only some students will directly pursue a career in science, all students need to appreciate the significance of science for the long term future of our country. In the globalised environment that we live in a sound grasp of science and its associated skills will equip students with the skills they need for everyday life and an ever widening range of career pathways.

So next time you appreciate a new lip gloss or the ease of communication via mobile phone - thank a scientist!

...and yes, it could be you!

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