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Student Support Program

Dromana College has an extensive Student Support Program which underpins all academic and co-curricular programs at the college.  The Student Support Program emphasis is on the development and nurturing of a strong and positive relationship between staff and students and it is important that each student feels safe and secure.  While at school form teachers are the students’ first point of contact.  Each form teacher takes a personal interest in each member of his/her form group.  A student can go to their form teacher for advice, guidance or support on a personal basis.  Form teachers foster this relationship by meeting with their group once a day.

Head of Year Coordinators are often the next point of contact for students and parents.  When issues of a personal nature arise the Head of Year Coordinators work with form teachers and are responsible for the implementation of student management across each year level.  They provide counselling and guidance on a whole range of student support issues including social adjustment, progress, behaviour and attendance.  Head of Year Coordinators should be the first point of contact for parents in relation to such matters.

The Student Wellbeing Coordinator is responsible for coordinating student wellbeing across the entire college.  The Student Wellbeing Team includes the Coordinator, Chaplain, School Nurse and the First Aid Officer who work with students and parents on a range of issues including out of school referrals, assessments, school issues, counselling and attendance.  Students and families can contact any member of the Wellbeing Team by phoning the College on (03) 5987 2805 and participation in any service is voluntary.

Injury / Illness at the College

Dromana College provides First Aid and Sick Bay facilities which is attended by a trained St John Ambulance Officer who will assist students with illness or injury and supervise access to student medication.  Students who are too ill to attend a full day’s schooling should not be sent to school.  Students who become ill or are injured at school are referred to the sick bay.  The First Aid Officer will determine the course of action to be followed in each instance.  If it is necessary for the student to be sent home the school will contact the parents. No student is ever sent home from Dromana College without parent contact having being made and an assurance given that the child will be in the care of a responsible adult. 

In the case of an emergency where the parent cannot be contacted the school will take whatever action is considered necessary for the safety of the child.  This may include calling an ambulance.  For this reason the College Council and staff strongly recommend to all parents that they subscribe to the Ambulance Services of Victoria.

Medication should not be stored in lockers or carried around in students’ bags.  Any student requiring medication should leave it with the First Aid Officer together with instructions regarding dispensing.  Medication must be labelled with the student’s name.  No medication will be given to any student without written consent from a parent or guardian.

School Injuries and Insurance

Parents and guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students including any transport costs.  Most medical costs will be refundable by Medicare.  If you are a member of an ambulance or private health insurance fund you may also be able to claim transport or other expenses form the fund.  The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not hold accident insurance for school students.

JUA Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd provides an accident insurance policy for students.  The policy provides specific benefits for students who are injured in accidents for a reasonably low cost.

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