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Business Creation

In this course students set up a business where they research, design and produce a product or service and then sell for a profit. They make a prototype that is tested for salability by presenting it at an exhibition that the school community gives constructive feedback on. These results are turned into data that can be analysed so that the producer can tweak improvements and make the product or service more saleable and market ready. A website is developed to record the students’ progress and to set up an online business. Presentation, marketing and branding are developed throughout the year.  The products are professionally photographed and these digital photographs are used for online sales or for marketing purposes.

Students develop skills including:

  • Excel skills
  • web design
  • product research
  • product construction
  • communication skills
  • marketing awareness
  • trend awareness
  • online sales procedures
  • packaging

Risk assessment for the product is completed with a production plan that is used to keep the student on track.

This class suits students who like making things, are motivated to get results and to maximise their cash flow while still at school.