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The study of Languages contributes to a student’s overall education, largely in the areas of literacy, communication and cultural understanding. The ability to communicate in another language can provide students with enhanced opportunities in areas such as trade, tourism, banking, technology and education.

In VCE Languages, students will develop their oral, written, reading comprehension and aural skills through engagement with a range of authentic and practical tasks.

The study of Languages at Year 12 (Units 3 and 4) carries a bonus in the Year 12 ATAR score. Additionally, students are eligible to receive the Victorian Baccalaureate.

The themes for VCE Japanese are:

  • The Individual (Personal World and Daily Life)
  • Language Speaking Communities (Visiting Indonesia/Japan, Life in Indonesia/Japan)
  • The Changing World (The world of Work and Changes in Daily Life)

With relation to the above listed themes students will apply their language in a variety of text types (letters, emails, telephone conversations, magazine articles, reports and short stories). Listening activities will be provide students with the opportunity to develop their ability to obtain information and speaking activities such as role plays, speeches and conversations will encourage students to practice their language exchanges.

Unit 1

Japanese: School Life, Neighborhood and Job Applications

Unit 2

Japanese: Japanese Culture/Festivals, Travel and Japanese Daily Life

Units 3 and 4

Japanese: Japanese Society, The Environment, Sports, Technology in Japan, Traveling and Living in Japan, Student Life and Diet.