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Unit 3 Narrative and Media Production Design

Unit 4 Media Process, Social Values and Media Influence

Students study production and story elements and how the film makers follow codes and conventions in the creation of narrative films. Students are also able to work in their favourite form of media in the planning and production of a media product. Students also study and analyse how social values of all eras are present in the media products of these times, and also how society is influenced by the media whether through the television, film, video games, the internet etc.

Career Options 

Actor, Journalist, Arts Administrator, Make-up Artist, Audio Visual Technician, Multimedia Developer, Camera Operator, Projectionist, Copywriter, Scriptwriter, Desktop Publisher, Set Designer, Film and TV Editor, Sound Mixer, Film and TV Lighting Operator, Sound Technician, Film and TV Producer, Stage Manager, Film Critic, Web Designer/Developer, Graphic Designer, Media Teacher