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This study develops intellectual, aesthetic and cultural understanding of the value and importance of music in solo and group settings. As soloists and members of groups, students develop skills in preparing programs of music works, and apply musicianship as they create music and interpret and analyse solo and ensemble works in a range of styles.

Unit 1

This unit focuses on achieving flexibility in music performance. Students will present a solo and a group performance, demonstrate prepared work and perform previously unseen music.

Unit 2

This unit further develops skills in practical music and performance in solo and group contexts. It focuses on analysis of music being prepared for performance.

Units 3 and 4 Group Performance

The focus of these units is on performing as a member of a group. Technical, creative and interpretation skills are developed for the presentation of a performance of music in a range of styles.

Units 3 and 4 Solo Performance

The focus of these units is on the preparation and presentation of performances in solo and ensemble contexts, demonstrating through performance an understanding of interpretation and authenticity.

To undertake Units 3 and 4 Solo Performance students should have at least three years’ experience prior to Year 11 on a musical instrument or voice. 

Students may elect to do all six units in this study.

Students are required to have private tuition on their primary instrument.