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Accounting professionals play an important role in business. Accountants and bookkeepers prepare and maintain financial records and use this information to evaluate business performance. For a business to manage its business effectively it needs accurate information that can be relied upon to make decisions. This is why accountants are essential to a business’ success and growth.

Unit 2     Accounting for a Trading Business

In Unit 2 Accounting students are introduced to the accounting process. They record financial data and prepare financial reports such as a Balance Sheet and Income Statement both manually and using a commercial accounting software package. They also evaluate the performance of a business and how to improve business performance.

Topics include:

  • Recording financial data and reporting accounting information
  • ICT in accounting
  • Evaluation of business performance

Career Options

Accountant, Auditor, Bank Officer, Company Secretary, Corporate Treasurer, Diplomat, Economics, Financial Advisor, Financial Journalist, Financial Planner/Manager, Human Resource Management, Management Consultant, Market Researcher, Portfolio Manager, Project Manager, Statistician, Stockbroker, Tax Agent, Trade Analyst, University Lecturer.