Whole School Literacy

Literacy is the thread that runs through the fabric of the whole school curriculum. The skills that students need to develop in order to become fully literate members of our society are relevant to all aspects of their studies whilst at school and in their future.

At Dromana College, our goal is to ensure that all teachers across all subject areas deliver clear and consistent literacy education to all students.

We use the ‘Four Square’ writing model as one component of our approach. The rationale behind the method is that it benefits students at every level of performance. Students find that starting with a visual lay-out of the argument simplifies both the thinking and writing. Download the 4 Square Writing guide.

Many staff at the college, not only those in the English Learning Domain, receive training to support a high level of literacy assistance in their classrooms. For example, science, mathematics and humanities teachers participated in a professional development course focused on grammar as part of this goal to present a curriculum where literacy is integral to every area of learning.

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