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Human Movement

Students will participate in sports that are of a high intensity, competitive in nature and investigate advanced tactics and strategies. This unit will give students a good understanding of the different components of fitness and how they apply to performance. This unit will comprise a wide variety of different games and skills needed to be successful in a particular sport. Students will undertake a theoretical component that focuses on the areas of muscles and bones, components of fitness and energy systems.

Outdoor Recreation

In this elective, students will learn all the skills needed for a light weight camping expedition in the bush. You will learn the best spots to put your tent, how to set up your tent, bush cooking and nutrition, basic navigation and first aid. A theory component is also part of the subject focusing the relationships with outdoor environments and minimal impact techniques. This unit culminates in each group organising their bushwalk as well as other outdoor recreation activities. The college can supply some jackets, backpacks, tents, sleeping mats and stoves. Students will need their own sleeping bag, walking shoes/runners and a thermal top.

Approximate cost of camp: $150

Sport and Fitness

The major focus of this elective is on the following areas:   

Sport  -  Students will participate in a variety of sporting activities and games with an emphasis on learning tactics and working as part of a team. The focus of this unit is on participation and teamwork, as well as coaching and keeping active.

Fitness  -  Students will learn how to design a training program and then over the course of the unit work to achieve their personal fitness goals. Students will learn about the different components of fitness and the various methods of training to improve their fitness. This elective should be taken only by students who have a keen interest in personal fitness and the sporting industry.

Surf & Turf

The Surf & Turf program offers an exciting opportunity for students looking for adventure and personal development. The program runs through a series of personal challenges, students gain valuable skills such as motivation, discipline, confidence, perseverance and respect for others.

There are 3 components to the Surf & Turf program:

  • Surfing – both practical and theory components
  • Camp – coastal adventure camp
  • Volunteer Work – working within the local community

Pre requisites for this elective are:

  • Be a competent swimmer (able to swim 200m)
  • Willingness to challenge yourself and be an active member of a team
  • An interest in helping others

Approximate cost: $150 (to cover various excursions and transport) plus a camp cost

Women and Sport

This is a girls-only elective that has both practical classes and theoretical classes that explore the female perspective of sport participation, wellbeing and healthy living. Girls will be able to be physically active in a same sex class environment and have input into the types of sports they would like to study in further detail. Some of the activities undertaken would include a variety of competitive and non-competitive sports. This elective should only be taken by students who have an interest in health, sport and personal fitness.