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Bake House

If you want to improve those baking skills ready for the challenge of Senior School Food Studies, this is something you will enjoy. During the semester you will be involved in designing, producing and evaluating different types of bakehouse products. Students will progress towards designing and producing their own cakes and a gingerbread house.

Chefs on the Run

The course will involve designing, researching, producing and evaluating meals in preparation for Senior School Food Studies. The students will progress towards independently designing their own meals.

Designer Hoodies

Design and create your very own hoodie. Students can choose from a wide range of windcheater fabrics (supplied by the Textiles Department). Use a pattern to produce your own clothing with simple stitching techniques, this subject is a must! If you can sew straight this is for you!

Digital Technologies

The Digital Technologies course will enable students use problem solving skills to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions. The course has been designed to provide practical opportunities for students to explore, innovative and design digital solutions through the application of various computer programs.

Students will be required to:

  • Design and develop a game using a programming language;
  • Design and develop a stop-motion film;
  • Design and develop a website;
  • Design and develop a eco-friendly home using CAD software;
  • Learn about how computer networks are designed and operate;
  • Learn about job opportunities in the ICT industry;

This subject leads to Advanced Digital Technologies (Year 10), VCE Computing and a range of occupations that require problem solving, design, and computing skills.

So You Think You Can Design

  • Do you love designing and making things?
  • Would you like to­ increase your awareness, skill level and expertise in problem solving?

In this elective, students take on the role of a Designer. They will have design problems that they need to solve and will design a prototype that is then made into a finished product. 

Students will learn how to use computer apps to draw and represent their ideas, as well as develop a digital and paper folio that reflects their progress.

These are a range of design problems that could be resolved;

  • Design a desk lamp for a product designer’s office
  • Redesign a power board to make it a displayable object
  • Design a novelty USB hub
  • Design an audio visual guide for a film museum
  • Design a new trophy for the World Cup
  • Design a wearable medical device
  • Design a futuristic playground
  • Design a companion robot for teenagers
  • Design a lighting fixture for a dining table using led lights

So if you want to be a designer; architect, engineer, artist, craftsperson, fashion designer, interior designer or an industrial designer, this course will increase your expertise and understanding of thinking like a designer.

Op Shop Fashion

Did you know that over 250,000 tonnes are donated to charity shops every year?  In this elective you will design, plan and construct a garment or accessory using materials purchased from local op shops. It’s cheap, good for the environment and plenty of fun. Students will experiment using different construction techniques:

  • glue gun
  • sewing machine
  • jewellery findings
  • felting
  • and many more.

You are limited only by your imagination.

Product Design – Metal

In this elective students work with a range of engineering materials. Students will work with mild steel, Stainless and Galvanized Sheet Steel and Aluminium. They will gain understanding of the principles of material manipulation and formation. Students will also be using the latest Digital Technologies with the use of the CNC Mill and will develop practical skills in the welding workshop. Students will learn the safe use and correct applications of oxy-acetylene and spot Welding processes. They will develop design proposals as possible solutions to set design problems. Students will have a choice of projects that will be both appealing and functional. There is an emphasis on workshop safety, the correct use of hand tools and safe use of machinery.  Students will document construction processes and evaluate of each of the products they produce. This course leads into Year 10 Design Metals and Plastics, Product Design in VCE and VET Engineering.

Product Design – Wood

Learn how to build useful projects with wood:

  • cabinets
  • skate ramp
  • boxes
  • speaker boxes etc

Using various jointing and construction methods, students will use numerous tools and employ jigs to build their project and then be required to use finishing techniques to produce a professional product. This subject is specifically targeted at students who enjoy the practical elements of design, building, construction and cabinet making. Students design and build their own approved project from various timbers applying gluing, shaping and bending techniques.

Systems and Robotics

Learn about how electronic and mechanical systems work and the components that are used to make them. You will build various electronic and mechanical projects using the design process and use simulation software to help your designs. Once you know how to build systems, you will then learn how to control them by using the latest Lego Robotics, EV3. You will build your Robot and then program it to do various tasks using all the sensors, until you have the skills to tackle the ‘Maze’.